This is the documentation and browsable interface to the 10to8 Booking API V2

This REST API allows Organisations and their partners to book appointments for their customers. It provides access to information about the organisation, its services, locations and staff. It allows its availability to be queried and for appointments to be booked.

Examples use cases:

  • a Wordpress plugin to allow organisations to embed an advanced booking flow in their website.
  • integration into a proprietary booking applications.
  • a plugin for app and website building tools to allow their user's customer's to book appointments in their app or website.
  • and many more...


18th Feb 2015

We've had some great feedback already, and we've made a few small changes to make things easier to get started. As always, unannounced changes are all backwards-compatible.

  • service, location and staff parameters are now optional for the slot and book endpoints. We'll pick the Organisation's default in all three cases.

17th Feb 2015

First public release of the Booking API V2. Our partners have been doing great things with the alpha releases, and we're excited to see what people will make. If you have any questions or want to show off what you've made, let us know:, @10to8ltd.

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API Response

GET /api/booking/v2/
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