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Mike Saijo | Flora Kao

"Under The Bridge" is an exhibit beneath the Ballona Lagoon Lighthouse Bridge on the Grand Canal in Marina Del Rey. Viewers will take a private canoe tour to view two artworks: "Kappa", a mixed media sound installation based on an amphibious Japanese mythological water spirit by Mike Saijo; and "Phoenix," a sculptural installation by Flora Kao. Blindfolded, the artist mummified two bougainvillea plants in hot pink packaging twine, a contemporary stand-in for the red string of destiny of East Asian legend. Bound by a skein of crocheted twine, the two figures highlight the connections that bind together people and plant, touch and sight, artist and audience.

Participants will be invited to scatter bougainvillea blossoms at the site and to reach in the water to collect a small porcelain fish piece to take home.

Please note: The happening takes place every Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM starting September 4. Due to popular demand we have extended this experience to Sunday, October 4 by appointment only. The limited available times will be determined by the daily high tide, but will ideally run in the afternoon until sunset.

The Ballona Lagoon Bridge is located on Pacific Ave and Lighthouse in Marina Del Rey. Street Parking may be limited. The visitors will be picked up at a rocky landing on the east side of the Grand Canal along the water about 30 yards south from the bridge. Wear comfortable clothing, practical shoes and sun screen. Every participant is required to wear a mask and will have their temperature checked before boarding the canoe.

Call Mike at 213.359.8746 if you can’t find parking.

Suggested Donation $10 /person


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