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Angela Carmichael Smith (Anestea Services LLC)

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💢Wholistic Core Resilience. 🤗Safe Space 💥Fabulous FIT Fierce Fitness Self-Care, Self-Defense & Brazilian Jujitsu 💫Nawur Energy


WHolistic Coaching and Training Focused on Movement Mindfulness and Resilience.

> Where others Tell you their WHAT.

> I help you discover your Unique HOW and WHY

I took my 30+ years of Holistic Nursing👩🏽‍⚕️, Multi Black belt Martial arts Training🥋, and Fitness🏋🏽‍♀️ to come up with Lifestyle Programs designed to be Fun, Safety focused ways to Self-Care, Self-Defense and Self-Resilience that will leave you Physically Energized, Mentally Alert and Personal Motivated.

Programs created to destress, tone and vitalize.

  • My Movement Sessions will lead you to Increased Movement Confidence, Strength, and Awareness.

  • My Mindfulness Sessions will lead to feeling Energized with a since of Assurance in your everyday life Activities.

🤝🏾My Passion is to introduce you to your WHolistic Self and Your WHolistic Life.

🤝🏾My Goal is to Support You and Your life and Assist You in Making Your Lifestyle work for You.

🤝🏾My Mission is to Helping You find the Tools of Your Life that Support You.

> 💞I Do not Want to just Open Doors for You, I want to Give you Tools to motivate you to Open doors for Yourself


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My skype handle is test123