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Blackhall Legal Services & Artist Management

We are a Licensed Paralegal, Barrister & Solicitor team managed by Naomi-Joy Blackhall and Phillip Mota, LLB.

Naomi-Joy brings over 20 years of experience as a triple threat, writer, producer, and advocate in and for various sectors of the arts, entertainment, real estate, events and meetings industries (our "Niche" and the "Industry"), and over 6 years as a litigator of civil disputes.

Phillip Mota, a criminal defence lawyer and artist advocate, oversees all general, solicitor transactional matters and higher court appearances.

Our services include Industry specific services such as contract drafting and revision, business negotiations, project development, artist management, corporate, intellectual property services.

We are also one of the few entertainment law teams in Toronto that also advocates IN COURT for our artists / Industry clients, regulated professionals (i.e. Realtors before RECO).

Our civil litigation services include representation at both the lower and higher levels of the Ontario Superior Court of Justice (i.e. small claims court, and superior court simplified procedure and regular procedure (with lawyer partner supported by the paralegal team)).

Areas of law for Litigation: Entertainment, contracts, defamation, civil conspiracy, civil assault, dog bites, corporate, agency, real estate, human rights, and employment disputes.


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