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SkyDancing Tantra Institute USA

Originating from the ancestral Tantric tradition, the teachings of SkyDancing Tantra are a modern path of awakening each person's ecstatic potential and vital power to create a life of Love, Sensuality, and Spirituality. Created by Margot Anand, this method has been transmitted for over 30 years by SkyDancing Tantra Institutes around the world to anyone wishing initiation on this path.

As a school of Tantra, we offer an individual path to transform a person's vision and approach to life. SkyDancing Tantra is free of dogma and does not prescribe rules for living; instead, through experiential exploration, we discover who we truly are. Focusing on awareness and vitality, SkyDancing Tantra uses personal interactions, sexual energy, and the Tantric keys to access higher consciousness. These tools are not the end goal; instead, our focus is on becoming aware of what brings joy and transformation.


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