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HAB Hearing

For emergency appointments not available on our online booking system we may have space, our contact details are below. Our clinic offers ear wax removal at £39 for one ear, £59 for both. If the ears are clear and there is no removal required we will charge a £25 consultation fee to cover the cost of PPE etc. Our service can include video examination, a hearing screening check, GP referral if needed, photo evidence of clear ears, advice, Tympanometry to assess middle ear dysfunction etc. by trained specialists. Appointment times are approximately 30 minutes. The above prices allow for a return visit if required to complete the procedure. If you feel ill please tell us beforehand!


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  • HAB Hearing Aids | Ear Wax Removal | Microsuction | Irrigation, 22 Belton Rd, Silsden, Keighley BD20 0EE, UK