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Wholistic Healing Energy Medicine

Through energy medicine techniques we assess and correct for energy imbalances in the body. These techniques are used to balance and restore your body’s natural healing abilities for the purposes of increasing your vitality, and strengthening your mental and emotional capacities, and your overall health and wellbeing. Energy Healing sessions help clients release and resolve disruptions in their energy system to activate their healing potential and align with the innate wisdom of the body, mind and spirit.

Session times are fluid, I focus my work on how much energy work is needed, rather than by time. Please allow space for 90 minutes in your schedule. On average it is between 60 – 90 minutes, sometimes less. It is not about time, it is about completing the body of work that is needed. Your energy system lets me know when it is time to stop. In my experience this very rarely goes over 90 minutes.


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