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Lesley Rix Naturopath

Naturopathic medicine is a complete and holistic approach to individualized healthcare that focuses on addressing the underlying causes of illness and disease. As Naturopathic practitioners, we incorporate herbal medicine, nutritional advice and supplementation as well as lifestyle advice to treat the whole person.

Types of appointments-

Initial 60 minute appointments - These should be booked by new clients or a current client who has not had an appointment in the last 6 months. These can be in person/ online / phone.

Follow-up 30 minute consultation - These are follow-up appointments for current clients to continue on the wellness journey. These can be in person/ online / phone.

Acute 15 minute appointments These are for acute illness such as a cold or tummy bug. We will have time to discuss that particular issue only.


Online / Phone

Our Premises

  • 7 Sarina Coast Rd, Sarina Beach QLD 4737, Australia