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MindUnique Education ( Pty) Ltd

A world-class Neuro-integrative Digital Wellness Institute for assessing your current physical, emotional, health and well-being status. Different tools are used and steps are implemented to rebalance and synergise your mind, body and spirit. We empower you and your family or employees to rebalance their digital behaviours in an integrated way to live a purposeful life while achieving their unlimited potential and digital wellness. Life coaching and counselling services are offered to empower parents with children, families and organisations to live happy and healthy-balanced lives in our techno-immersed world. We have a multi-modal and integrated approach (face-to-face and online or in a hybrid setting) to ensure that you manage digital technology and screens effectively while thriving and enjoy life fully. We make use of several assessment surveys, a quantum full body scan, analysis, feedback, a design blueprint with recommendations and techno-life hacks, Rife resonance and Ozone therapy and other natural products and services to improve your digital wellness (health and well-being). We would love to tailor-made a course, programme or intervention according to your needs (whether you're a parent with a child, individual, employer or working in an organisation or world-class company).


Our Premises

  • 2 6th Street, Linden, Randburg, South Africa