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Massage Or Knot Practice

Massage Or Knot Wellness Practice is offering a wide range of body treatments influenced by massage, therapeutic and healing techniques from around the world. We are award winning team of therapists with many years of experience in therapy, we will be honoured to help you to get well and stay well. We also provide after care nutrition advice as healing your body from within is as essential part of a healthy life.

We also offer wide range of Cannabinoid(CBD) infused therapeutic treatments which have become one of our most popular treatment choices with positive feedback from people suffering with chronic pain, arthritis, anxiety and depression, skin disorders and, recently, from athletes, surfers, body-builders and people leading an active lifestyle. We use broad spectrum CBD oil grown in an organic hemp farm in the southern part of the USA, tested and licensed in the UK..


Our Premises

  • 89 Henver Road, Newquay