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REGEN Specialist Clinic

REGEN Specialist Clinic is a new advanced Orthopedic healthcare facility aimed at providing comprehensive and focused care for orthopaedic, sport injury and musculoskeletal conditions. At REGEN we believe the path to a successfully treatment plan begins with the correct diagnosis. Our modern digital ultrasound diagnostic equipment assists our medical professionals to accurately identify your Orthopedic conditions so that a successful treatment plan may be created for you.

Licensed by the Ministry of Health Malaysia, we offer patients both surgical and non-surgical Orthopedic treatments, sports medicine and physiotherapy. REGEN Specialist Clinic is a Medical Centre of Excellence in the field of Orthopedic Treatment and our advanced medical facility offers comprehensive orthopaedic care and an enhanced patient experience. With the expertise of a team of highly skilled Orthopedic Surgeons, supported by the industry’s leading technologies and a world-class facility, you can be assured of professional guidance and customized treatments towards a most desirable outcome.

Advanced facilities and equipment ensure that our Specialists and associated healthcare professionals deliver every patient with the professionalism, care and safety needed. We believe in offering high level of personal attention to our patients, complemented with the high standards of professional healthcare while providing you with high quality of healthcare you require.


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Our Premises

  • 51-53, Level 2, Block D, Jaya One, 72A, Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya, Selangor