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City Chic Sweepstakes Beauty Contest website.

If you live in a city and are the ages 18-47 you can enter our beauty contest. Our beauty contest starts from Oct.27th-June 1st 2020. With this beauty contest you are supposed to makeover yourself, find a look and keep it. By the end of the month our representatives will come to your house to assess your health,looks, and hygiene also how well you've been doing in the neighborhood, we will also be taking votes from your family,friends, and coworkers on whether you should win the beauty contest are not. At the end of the Contest We will have a finale were you will be judged and assigned the winner if you make the highest amount of votes, at the finale you will announce your name,age, and hobbies and do a quick talent presentation or other presentation, so that the judges can make their final choice of the top 5 beauties. The judges will take an hour to choose the winners, we will also have free food and drinks while you wait. If you are interested please call me at 919-432-4157 to sign up or leave me a message can make an aappointment here or register for the beauty pageant here.


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