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CCCS Formal Observations

We are scheduling the first formal observation for all 1st - 5th year teachers in the Fall Semester! Our goal is to schedule everyone in the month of October or the beginning of November.

Keep in mind that you want to do the following to prepare for your formal observation:

  1. Select a class period where you will be teaching a NEW concept to your students
  2. Once you select a time slot, make sure to prepare a 3x5 card with the lesson objective written on it
  3. It should read "Given a _ students will be able to _ to the teacher's satisfaction or __% of accuracy"
  4. Please provide a seat in the front of the room for me to watch the students' faces for understanding
  5. Please provide an extra copy of any notes/handouts that you will be giving the students

Looking forward to seeing you all teach!


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