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About NHS Sussex University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (East)

Phlebotomy service as provided at the Royal Sussex County Hospital, The Royal Alexandra Childrens's Hospital (both in Brighton) and Princess Royal Hospital Haywards Heath.

Please ensure that you have your request form with you and that you can attend at the time and date booked, otherwise we will not be able to carry out the procedure.

The following are Blood Test Instructions for Paediatric Patients, please read prior to booking:

Emla cream (numbing solution): This you can either get from your GP or can be purchased from a chemist. Apply the Emla cream prior to arrival, one hour (60 minutes) before the time of the appointment. Apply, according to the instructions, to the inner creases of both elbow joints and either wrap cling film around the arm to secure the cream, or apply a dressing with non absorbent padding.

Fasting Blood Test: Please only book a 09:00 or 09:15 appointment. The patient must not eat or drink anything for 12 hours before the test. A small amount of water is allowed during this time to keep the patient hydrated. Prior to the test the patient should have eaten their normal diet for at least three days.

Genetic testing: Appointments for Genetics can only be made from Monday to Thursday between 09:15 and 12:45. When attending the appointment please ensure that you have a paper copy of the Genetics blood request form (without this we are unable to take the blood).

Extra Time: If you feel that your child may need some extra time for their appointment a double slot can be booked. Play Therapist Support can also be made available on a Monday, Wednesday and Thursday only, please contact us beforehand if this is required. If you have any questions regarding the appointment please contact:

RACH - 01273 696955 Phlebotomy - 01444 441881 ext 68199


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