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Awakening Hearts, Inc.

We are grateful to serve the well-being of our community by offering BEMER Sessions ($25) to support increased systemic circulation.

BEMER is most effective when used on a consistent basis. Session packages are intended to be used within the number of weeks purchased. (Ex. 5 session pkg is intended to be used within 5 weeks)

Discounted Session Packages Available :

5 Session package - $115 ($10 savings)

8 Session package - $175 ($25 savings)

10 Session package - $200 ($50 savings)

Packages will expire 30 days following the intended completion. (Ex. You would have 5 weeks plus 30 days to use a 5 session pkg)

Payment may be made by cash or check at the time of service.


Our Premises

  • 324 West Bay Drive, Suite 101 Olympia WA