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Victoria Page

Victoria is a Divine Feminine Coach and an expert in a number of modalities including Master/Teacher of Angelic Reiki and Usui Reiki healing, Kundalini Yoga and Ayurveda, where she helps women reconnect to their soul and true desires.

She has a calling to work with women who feel disconnected from their femininity, feel they’re missing something in their life, perhaps a sense of loss and inner emptiness due to life changes. Examples of this could be women going through the menopause, children leaving home (empty nest syndrome), inability to have children due to surgery or for other reasons.

Having trained in many modalities looking for solutions for her own healing process that all helped contribute to her spiritual growth and understanding, she has reached a level of understanding, acceptance, and self-love that she once could never have imagined.

Now she brings all her healing modalities and experiences together to help women who have lost connection to their femininity and purpose in life, through her four-step Rejuvenessence process.

This has been lovingly designed to bring you:

  • back into your power feeling full of vitality, ready to go forward with life
  • back to your true sense of being, realigned to your femininity, and knowing your worth and beauty
  • back to your sense of purpose feeling alive and aligned with synchronicity showing up in your life

To find out more, please get in touch to arrange a call to answer all your questions.


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