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Knot Kneaded

Knot Kneaded will knead those knots like they've never been kneaded before because pain and discomfort is what's really not needed!

Purpose of Bodywork :: Massage Therapy & Bodywork is a therapeutic modality used to facilitate and aid in an individual's natural healing process(es).

Knot Kneaded Bodywork Experience :: A variety of bodywork and massage therapy modalities integrated into an individualized bodywork experience used for the purposes of tension awareness, pain/symptom/stress relief, and flexibility/mobility improvement.

Client Expectation :: This is not a typical Swedish massage, rather, it is an exploratory adventure or a determined quest to reset your own healing process for the purpose of injury care, reconditioning, and prevention.

Be inquisitive with what we find - after all - it's your body

Bodywork sessions are intended to illicit awareness of your own tissue restrictions and pain patterns. It is through gaining this knowledge, practicing positive movement habits, consistency, and patience that you will find your path towards symptom relief.

It is important for you to understand what is causing your own discomfort, so client participation and accountability is essential.

My Promise :: The best bodywork I've ever performed is always the one I'm about to do -- make the next one be YOU.

Applied Bodywork Techniques :: Deep Tissue & Sports Massage | Myofascial Release | Neuromuscular Technique | Trigger Point Therapy | Active Release Technique | Swedish

Applied Flexbility & Mobility Techniques :: Mobility Flossing | Active Isolated Stretching | PNF Stretching | Active/Passive Static Stretching


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