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Heartwood Education

Welcome to Heartwood's Online training clinic for students of our Professional Training course.

Originally conceived to provide quality clinical training to our final year students during the Covid-19 restrictions, Heartwood Online are happy to be able to offer appointments to all. Most consultations will be taken by a student practitioner, overseen by a fully qualified and experienced herbalist at all times and some clinics may be recorded for teaching, your consent will be requested before recording begins. Please note that appointments are offered at the student clinic on the basis that students will be observing and taking your consultation, and anonymised notes may be used for teaching purposes. If you do not feel comfortable with this then our student clinic may not be suitable for you.

Consultations take place on a video call, access to the call is restricted to Heartwood students, Heartwood herbalists and you, the invited guest. You will only be able to see the practitioner and student practitioner involved in taking your case, we would like you to have a web cam so that they can see you.

All bookings incur a fee payable in advance, please do contact us before booking if you are in financial difficulties or would like more details of the consultation process. For more information please see our main website.


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