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Andrea Perry-Petersen

I am a lawyer engaged in social change through service innovation and multidisciplinary collaboration.

My diverse industry experience comprises governance and human rights, commercial and community law. I possess a unique combination of skills in research, innovation and program design, higher education, communication, litigation and law reform, technological literacy, process improvement and program design.

My passion in creating change for positive social impact leads me to constantly expand my knowledge. Current research interests include the role of technology to address social problems, the application of design thinking to human services, data analytics to better understand community need and new models for multidisciplinary collaboration. I am self-driven with an extensive network among the legal profession and community sector.

My mission is to raise awareness of the access to justice crisis and work with others to implement solutions, including through the use of emerging technology.

I offer services as an adviser and consultant to leaders in the public and private sector:

Speaking engagements and workshops – how technology may enhance your practice, understanding access to justice, disruption to the legal profession, the future of the legal profession and education.

Strategic consultation - opportunities for you and your business to provide services to the "missing middle", most effective technology to reach your strategic goals, how to structure your pro bono program, collaborative approaches, program and project design (including higher education courses addressing innovation).


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