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infinity Peak Performance

Never become a slave to training, at infinity Peak Performance our focus with you is on maximising you potential while sustaining all other key aspects of life such as family, work and social life, a true balance so as to have your best performance come race day.

Aim to reveal your full potential, identifying the non-negotiable aspects of life, the things that matter to you, then develop a bespoke personalised training plan to incorporate training into your day to day life.

Chasing training hours and sessions is unsustainable, can lead to reduced motivation and can mean you reach your start line, lacking confidence due to missed sessions with that underachievement mindset. Your peak performance comes from having a balance of work, family, friends, nutrition, hydration and recovery time in partnership with your training plan.

Whether your aiming to complete your first race or focused on racing world championship infinity Peak Performance has the recipe for your success.


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