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Alan Drew International Psychic & Universal Medium, Reiki Master, Healer, Spiritual Consultant and Regression Therapist

I'm Alan Drew P'hd (Practicing Holistic Druid) A Fourth Generation Psychic & Universal Medium, Reiki Master, Spiritual Consultant and Regression Therapist. I'm also an Angeologist, Demonologist, and Exorcist. I've been working professionally for over 27 years now. I'm a fully insured practicing Psychic Medium and Certified Regression Therapist. I'm Clairvoyant, Clairsentient and Clairaudient who attunes to your enregy & vibrations and directly through the heart chakra, as well as channeling your guides and connecting to your unique universal fingerprint and Akashic Records. I'm also an Ordained Minister for Spiritual Humanisim as well as an Qi/Chi Healing Practitioner. I currently work on Psychic Today/TV on SKY TV Channel 680, Mediums Now & Psychic Living, Sally Morgans Psychic Team, and with Fright Nights Worcester, but my specialist area is Psychic Detective work where I use my innate abilities and various tools to delve into Murders, Unsolved Cases, Kidnappings, Missing Persons and More. I also do Paranormal Investigations, Mediumship Demonstrations, Events and Platform work up & down the UK and Internationally, as well as House, Building, Spirit Clearances and the Removal of Personal Entity Attachments I provide Direction, Insight and Guidance into all aspects of your life, as well as bring forward those all important Validations, Essential Healing and Clarity of Thought. Helping you to connect with your friends, family and loved ones who are residing in the Spirit World, proving that life is eternal, and that life still goes on even when we leave this physical world. I am primarily a medium, but I do use various tools like Tarot, Angel & Oracle cards as well as crystals like the pendulum and a beautiful Labradorite Ball which helps in creating link with the person I am reading for this is used in my psychic & distant readings ie via the phone, email and chat. I also use psychometry which is whereby I touch an object a place, personal item, or photo and pick up vibrations and attune to their energy or universal fingerprint this mainly used in my psychic detective work but can be used in readings if its required or specifically requested.” Life is a gift and should be treated accordingly, we are just passing through this world into the next, and what we do here in this physical world not just affects ourselves but others too and our journey/transition into the next stage of our life cycle. I'm a Member of the SNU (Spiritualists National Union), a minister and ordained member of the clergy for The Church of Spiritual Humanism, and a Member of OBOD (Order of Bards Ovates and Druids). I'm a very sympathetic, compassionate, caring and understanding reader. I'm here to help you not to judge you, so feel free to ask me anything, there's not much I haven't heard or experienced myself. I work directly by connecting with my Guides, Spirit the Angelic realm and Ascended Masters. I connect directly through the heart chakra so I connect on a deep, emotional and loving level. I can also use tools like Oghams, Various Tarot Decks, Angel Cards, Psychometry, the Crystal Ball, The Crystal Pendulum, Planetary Aspects and the Universal Energy. Feel free to ask me anything, there's not much I haven't heard or experienced myself and there's nothing to be afraid of! How I work is when I connect with spirit and the universe I feel first, which then almost takes me into a trance like state even if its just a few seconds it feels like forever and in that moment I am alnmost transported elsewhere whether that be a past, present or a future moment in time I then become overwhelmed with various emotions and feelings and I then receive what could be referred to as a universal download of information around a person, place or situation. I'm here to provide Direction, Insight, and Guidance through my readings and mediumship to help connect you with your friends, family and loved ones who are residing in World of Spirit for healing, peace of mind and clarity of thought. I'm a Member of the SNU (Spiritualists National Union) and demonstrate at various spiritual churches and services up and down the country as well as host charity evenings. I'm a minister and ordained member of The Church of Spiritual Humanism, and a Member of OBOD (Order of Bards Ovates and Druids). I also work with trace vibrations and residual energy which is left on someones personal items or photos, it's what I like to call the universal fingerprint each one is unique to an individual like the physical fingerprint . I pride myself on providing an excellent service to you with over 20 years experience in providing readings to celebrities, the general public, professionals, businesses , corporations and private clients. With readings tailored to your individual needs, Providing you with Guidance, Insight, and those all important validations. I'm here to help in your time of need to provide direction, compassion, and understanding to help guide you forward in life so to achieve the best out of it for yourself, others or your business. In Love and blessings


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