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Higher Soul Healing

At Higher Soul Healing, our mission is to help heal the pain and suffering of human life, as seen from the Soul's point-of-view. And then show you your OWN Power to move forward in your Soul's planned mission in life. --- We incarnate to this Earth with a plan in mind. Using the art and science of Chiromancy, we are able to see that plan which is printed right in your own hands! Knowing this, we can help guide you in your own Healing Journey. Together we will find the roots of your pain, set them free, and then teach you how to continue your Journey... now confident in your own Personal Power.

Almost all of our work entails a review of your palms. Here is a video that explains how to take the pictures:


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Online / Phone

My Skype name is: kris10dh

Our Premises

  • Florianópolis - State of Santa Catarina, Brazil