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Graham Hudson

My passion is helping organisations get better outcomes from their examinations and assessments. I work with professional organisations, government ministries and development programmes both nationally and internationally improving the reliability and validity of assessments.

I was involved in many of the significant developments and reform of general qualifications in the UK and my specialist skills, knowledge and extensive experience enable me to deliver complex projects which bring strategic change and drive measurable improvements.

Working globally means I can adapt to cultural influences and understand the challenges that poor infrastructure and difficult communications can bring. I take a pragmatic approach to developing appropriate solutions delivering projects on time and to budget.

My particular skill and interest is in helping secure better procurements of assessment solutions. That means helping organisations buying make better choices and organisations selling get to the heart of their prospective organisations real needs. My wide-ranging knowledge of suppliers in the market brings my clients key insights.

My approach is to:

  • Take the time to ask the right questions and identify underlying issues or concerns.

  • Use the people and knowledge in the business to develop a solution, taking all stakeholders with me.

  • Be clear about what needs to be done, with practical steps set out to meet clear outcomes and goals.

Through my understanding of the power of culture to drive change I also work with Engagement Multiplier, using their simple tools and a strategic framework, helping organisations to improve culture, retention, and morale.

Contact me: Email: Mobile: +44 7889 546694

Specialities: Examinations, Educational Assessment, Program Planning, Procurement, Employee Engagement


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