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Media Barker

Media Barker is all about helping small businesses, non-profits, and other organizations use the power of adding Digital Marketing to your traditional marketing to grow your business. We specialize in developing and implementing customized Digital Marketing strategies. This includes; Email Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Website Optimization including Blogging, and integrating all this with your Traditional Advertising (newsletters, radio, TV, newspapers, and anything else you use to promote your business, products, or services). We help you cut through the clutter and actually engage with your client, prospect, volunteer, donor, or customer to increase your results.

Our mission at Media Barker is to help YOU leverage the power of Digital Marketing to your traditional marketing to: build credibility, help marketing be more affordable, create a fast response, enhance your brand, increase web site traffic, engage your customers, and occasionally go viral.


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  • 103 Hoffman Street, Elmira, NY, United States