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Joyce Van Horn

I’m a seasoned Evolutionary Astrologer.

As a feisty, heartful, Sagittarius, I’ve got a lot in my bag of tricks to help you: tarot cards, dream interpretation, ritual, flower essences and have other eyebrow-raising tricks of the trade.

My professional practice began in 1984 in a cozy renovated carriage house in my native San Francisco. I provide my services virtually worldwide. I fell madly in love with Evolutionary Astrology that same year and subsequently have studied extensively with Steven Forrest, one of its co-creators.

I’ve done thousands of readings (and will do thousands more), tutor, run groups, write, lead workshops, love deeply and passionately, and travel the world. As I write this, I'm in Cozumel, Mexico working on a book and working with amazing clients like you.


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