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Sam Youngz is a Holistic Emotional & Spiritual Practitioner who has been featured on the BBC & in Spirit & Destiny magazine.

Based in Shropshire with all services available Online.

I support stuck, spiritually open minded women in their healing journey with past & present emotional pain due to childhood experiences that have left you feeling invisible, unseen, unheard & trying to figure out your purpose in the world.

Release the emotional chains of the past holding you stuck & break the cycle of your family.

Uniquely I integrate holistic education with intuition, crystal & quantum energy sessions & natural wellbeing advice to help improve your holistic painful responses to your current reality in life.

Crystal & Quantum Energy therapies help to balance your stuck, stagnant emotions that are held in your physical body, causing pain.

Reduce the stress & toxic load on your whole being by changing to natural health, wellbeing, personal & skin care ranges.

Services are tailored & bespoke to your individual needs.

For years those struggling with emotional pain & grief have been isolated and overlooked by the healing world.

Leaving women just like you feeling stuck, misunderstood & like a burden on your friends, your family and your colleagues.

There is a holistic toolkit to release your pain & ignite your sparkle to shine in life from the inside out.

I am also able to support in situations of mental health distress as a trained Mental Health First Aider.

Weleda orders can be delivered directly to your door wherever you are in the UK.

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