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Sacred Sol Healing Institute®

Hello, my name is Renee Frye. I am a Trauma-Healing Holistic Specialist and the owner and founder of Sacred Sol Healing Institute®. I am a holistic life wellness educator and coach, a mindfulness expert, an addiction recovery specialist, and an indigenous healer. At Sacred Sol Healing Institute®, we provide Trauma-Responsive Holistic Resources and Resilience programs that produce positive, life-changing results. Our modalities are all holistic and deeply rooted in Native American teachings. Our programs integrate equity, trauma-informed approaches, recovery, and a commitment to data and evidence. We specialize in the restoration and balance of body, mind, and spirit, cultivating well-being, mindfulness, daily resilience, stress reduction, harm reduction, substance abuse recovery, prevention, and trauma resolution. Sacred Sol Healing Institute® has created the Deconstructing Trauma™ Program, which is woven throughout all our services. This program allows us to peel back the layers of trauma that have occurred throughout our lives. The Deconstructing Trauma Program consists of a positive behavior resilience approach, awareness tools, mindful behavior modification techniques, and energy healing therapy. Weaving these specific modalities together, along with traditional mental health and medical services, has a huge impact on releasing trauma, chaos, pain, and negativity.

Even our daily experiences leave imprints and blockages that can affect our lives in a negative way; fortunately, we can reprogram our behavior to reflect positive interactions with ourselves and the world around us. By creating health, wellness, and resilience in all areas of our lives, we have the opportunity to reduce trauma, toxic stress, sadness, depressive states, low energy, anxiousness, panic, ACEs, substance abuse, addiction, compassion fatigue, burnout, absenteeism, and more.

We believe in holistic care, focusing on the whole person; in this way, we become our own best resource. We all need healthy life-support skills. You are not alone.

Mission: Resolve Barriers to Access by Providing Trauma-Responsive Resources Worldwide Values: SACRED: Sustain Appreciate Care Respect Encourage Daily Goal: Absolute Self-Love and Acceptance Vision: Heal Ourselves, Heal The World®

Our resources are not intended to diagnose, cure or treat.

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