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E. B. Williams Stoner Hill Elem.

Do you love children? Do you believe all children can learn and deserve a place where they are nurtured and taught to believe that their lives matter? Would you like to work in a place where work doesn’t feel like “work,” but home? Would you like to partner with parents and community leaders to provide a loving, safe, and positive learning environment for all children? If your answer to these questions is “Yes,” then E. B. Williams Stoner Hill School is the place for you! You will be surrounded by loving people who care about you and will work with you to ensure the young people entrusted to you will be successful inside and outside the classroom, where they are taught to believe that they are “talented, intelligent, and unique” people. We welcome you with open arms and will strive to make you feel like part of a loving school family.


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  • 2127 C E Galloway Boulevard, Shreveport, LA, USA