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Vincent Tatan

Vincent Tatan is a Data and Technology enthusiast with relevant working experiences from cutting edge data industry such as Google LLC, Visa Inc. and Lazada to implement microservice architectures, business intelligence, and analytics pipeline projects.

Vincent is a native Indonesian with a record of accomplishments in problem solving with strengths in Full Stack Development, Data Analytics, and Strategic Planning.

He has been actively consulting SMU BI & Analytics Club, guiding aspiring data scientists and engineers from various backgrounds, and opening up his expertise for businesses to develop their products .

Vincent also opens up his 1 on 1 mentorship service to coach aspiring data scientists to land dream Data Analyst/Engineer Job at Google, Visa or other large tech companies.

Come have a chat with him if you'd like to 1)Find out the life of data professional especially in large companies like Google and Visa. 2) Get personalized advice to how you could excel and differentiate yourself. 3) Find out the right balance to set and execute your goals without burning out.

Please book your appointment with him here :)

NOTE: Due to the limited time available, Vincent is only able to serve certain clients at one time.

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