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Wallaroo Camping Hire & Adventure Store

Wallaroo Camping Hire & Adventure Store sell and hire quality camping and hiking gear for all your outdoor adventures. We understand that it is important to see and try on gear before purchasing/hiring. You can always pop into store anytime and we will help you out, but sometimes we can get a little busy! This is why we have created bookable sessions. We offer two types of sessions:

  • Open: The staff member assigned may need to deal with things during the session. Booking into an open session help guarantee the items you want to see/try are ready to go for you. It also means if we don’t have the specific item you want in stock, we can let you know in advance to save you a trip into store!

  • Private: You will have a dedicated staff member for the session. This means you won’t be waiting around while they help other customers or take a phone call. We only offer limited private sessions!


Our Premises

  • 3/7 Levanswell Rd, Moorabbin VIC 3189, Australia