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WB Financial

We assist clients in creating financial plans to meet their financial objectives through savings & investments, tax reduction and personal protection plans within their affordability. This is to ensure you reach FINANCIAL WELLNESS.

As each client is a unique individual with their own desires, needs and requirements,we offer professional step-by-step financial planning that is based on a detailed personalised financial needs analysis. This is undertaken over a period of time and in line with ever-changing budgetary and family requirements.

We pride ourselves in offering holistic planning services, educating clients through the decision-making process and allowing you to make the ultimate decision without being pressured into products/services that you do not need or cannot afford.

Before we ever get to recommending products, we do a thorough fact find to make sure we understand your individual circumstances and needs, as well as your objectives and aspirations for the future. Whether planning for retirement or passing wealth onto future generations, WB Financial is not tied to any one product provider, so we can search the market to find a selection of the best products for your needs.

One hour spent with us is worth tens of thousands of rands over the long term.


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  • Astrotech Conference Centre, Oracle Brokers, 1 Anerley Road, Parktown, Johannesburg, South Africa