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KaBaTu Village

KaBaTu Village is a holistic healing service and platform birthed with the single purpose of uplifting our melaninated family through alternative healing modalities and services.   

At KaBaTu Village, we strive to hold a judgement free healing space for those who are seeking alternative ways to enhance their quality of life and wellbeing. We also help provide an avenue in which one will be able to rediscover their divine purpose.  We do this by way of Holistic Healing Modalities, Conscious Touch Tantra Healing Therapy, Reiki/Ra Sekhi Healing Therapy, Herbal Remedies, Sound Therapy, Guided Meditation, Dietary guidance, Unfilitered Round Table Group discussions, Blogs and the Sharing of information.


Our Premises

  • 1514 Northwest Dr. NW #31 Atlanta, GA 30318