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Jared Hood

If you have an online appointment with me, we will meet using Microsoft Teams. At the time of the meeting, please open the link below, either: 1. In CHROME or EDGE browsers ONLY (not Safari, Firefox, etc). Or: 2. In Microsoft Teams, if you have it installed (copy the link to a browser and tell it to send the link to Teams).

You do not need to have a Teams account or have Teams installed.

Meeting link:

For an on-campus appointment, PTC is at 684 Elgar Road, Box Hill North, just near the Eastern Freeway. Turn into the service road just by the overpass. There is plenty of parking on-campus. Let someone in the office know you have arrived, and they will come and get me.


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Our Premises

  • 684 Elgar Road, Box Hill North, Victoria, Australia