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In A Day Smile Dental Implant Centers

In A Day Smile provides customized patient focused smile restorations that are designed to restore the patients overall dental health and confidence. Our comprehensive treatment plans are unlike any others in the industry including the “Choice” well-known national implant centers. In A Day Smile restorations include follow up maintenance, at no additional cost, to ensure the overall longevity and success of your smile restoration.

All on 4 Dental Implants are the immediate replacement of all teeth ON ONLY FOUR dental implants. However, most patients have sufficient bone to place additional implants. We provide 6 (SIX) implants to provide better support and longevity for teeth. Moreover, we provide handmade CERAMIC final prosthesis instead of acrylic (plastic) prosthesis as most competitors do.


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  • Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA