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Dr Alex's Phone-Consult Clinic

Dr Alex is a unique professional who has created a whole new system of Medicine and Psychology which can be effective when other approaches have been inadequate or unsuccessful - New Paradigm Medicine / Psychology. You can find out more here.

As a spin-off of these landmark advancements, Dr Alex has also radically evolved Naturopathic, Functional & Lifestyle Medicine - taking these important approaches to a whole new level.

Dr Alex works as a Specialist Medical Consultant with Patients from all over the world. This booking site is for people choosing to work with Dr Alex by PHONE or SKYPE. Let’s get started !

ABOUT DR ALEX: Dr Alex Concorde is a Medical Doctor who is both GMC- and GNC- Registered.

She is the Founder of the Institute for Individual, Mind-Body & Biographical Medicine, a Founding Member of The British Society for Integrative Oncology, Fellow of The Royal Society of Medicine, Fellow of The Chartered Management Institute, and has Memberships in Clinical PNI/PNE, Neuro-Immunomodulation, Microbiology, Applied Bio-Physiology, Cellular Biology, Applied Psychology and Positive Psychology.

She also holds an Honours BSc in Biochemistry and Nutritional Medicine, a Masters in Psychology, and a (unprecedented) PhD in four different disciplines - Virology, Pathology, Immunology & Molecular Genetics - as part of 25-years of University Degree & Post-Graduate Training, resulting in her specialism in Complex Multi-pathic / Multi-disciplinary / Multi-modality Medicine.

Dr Alex has been awarded 'Top UK Therapist' & 'Top 50 Wellbeing Guru' (London Evening Standard). She is an international keynote speaker, & mentors major healthcare strategists worldwide. She has been featured in every major UK national newspaper, & was the sole Health Professional cited in a special Sunday Times publication called 'The Future'.

Dr Alex was also the only General Medical Doctor honoured to receive an invitation to a one-off event for 'British Innovators in Science & Medicine' at Buckingham Palace, hosted by H.M. The Queen - attended by the likes of Beagle 2 & Rosetta Scientist, Colin Billinger, & Theoretical Physicist, Professor Stephen Hawking.

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