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Simfica Ltd

Simply finance care (Simfica) is an organisation which provides consulting and buddy services in banking and life insurance products.

In the modern age we all invest money and time into financial products, but due to work pressure or relocating, or moving abroad it is tough to take care of investments and we always feel that depositing money on time or completing paperwork cannot be done because of a lack of time. Our services are made to help you in those situations. We will seek to be your support system.

The main objective of our organisation is to take some of the workload from you, so you have more productive time. The idea was initiated when we saw people struggling to complete paperwork, not able to pay premiums on time, issues in follow up etc not because of inability, but lack of time.People who are abroad (NRI) or have relocated to another city, always feel that in their absence they are unsure of who can take care of the paperwork; either their own or other family members, they want to help, but distance makes this more difficult.

The digital world keeps on demanding and is very competitive, and we often do not have time to stay on top of all our responsibilities. Simfica will create a space so you can focus on your work, and you can leave the rest to us. We will help you by providing consultancy, if you are planning to buy banking or insurance products, and we can also manage your paperwork, premiums etc, on your behalf. To access our services, you will be charged a competitive one off fee, or be invited to set up a subscription.

We are a service provider. We will provide the best options as per your requirements, so you can make the decisions that are right for you.


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